Tiny tool makes noises whenever your computer sends a packet to a Google service - googerteller

Fri, 26 Aug 2022 20:42:00
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Thanks to @bert_hu_bert for his tiny tool - googerteller.

"Makes a little bit of noise any time your computer sends a packet to a #Google service, which excludes Google Cloud users."

Demo video https://twitter.com/bert_hu_bert/status/1561466204602220544

We have added a quick installation gu...

Take a breath! Enjoy your world!

Take a breath! Enjoy your world!

Our first Your own extras is available!
Sorry Mastodon (fediverse), you're part of it.

New Zealanders and other people in this time zone, and of course those who are ahead of our time zone (greetings to Tonga), have reached the halfway mark of 2022. Saturday...

Matrix retentions - messages & media

Mon, 27 Jun 2022 20:13:00
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"No news, no new tutorials!?" That's right!

We're working more behind the scenes at the moment and have been cleaning up the server a bit, mainly our Matrix instance. It's taking up a little of space and it was time to start doing something about it soon enough before it grew too fast. The backups...

And the next services have found place in our wiki

Torsocks, unbound, nginx, php and mariadb.

Not many left anymore for our server section. Your DIY weekend can start soon.

Next will be wireguard and nextcloud or Linux mobile section.


Have a good night

BorgBackup tutorial/guide is ready 🍻 and we have added a new status page for our services

Sun, 29 May 2022 20:59:00
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After a little break, we are now continuing to work on our wiki and finished our BorgBackup guide.

We have also added a new status page for our services via Uptime Kuma.


German guide will f...