And the next services have found place in our wiki

Torsocks, unbound, nginx, php and mariadb.

Not many left anymore for our server section. Your DIY weekend can start soon.

Next will be wireguard and nextcloud or Linux mobile section.

Have a good night

BorgBackup tutorial/guide is ready 🍻 and we have added a new status page for our services

Sun, 29 May 2022 20:59:00
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After a little break, we are now continuing to work on our wiki and finished our BorgBackup guide.

We have also added a new status page for our services via Uptime Kuma.

German guide will f...

More privacy for your browser (Firefox, Librewolf, Tor, Iceraven & Pale Moon)


We have added a guide to achieve more privacy for your browser in our wiki for Desktop and Android.


It includes Firefox (vanilla) with arkenfoxs user.js, Librewolf, Tor Browser and Pale Moon.


It includes Iceraven (via FFUpdater) and Tor Browser (G...

Our Android section tutorial/guide is ready 🍻

Our Android section tutorial/guide is ready 🍻

Update: 23.2.22
We added a few backup solutions for our Android phone/s -

Are you interested in refreshing your old Android phone via a Custom ROM? Using an Android device for your digital privacy ?


Arch Linux & KDE Tutorials

Fri, 07 Jan 2022 10:32:00
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Arch Linux & KDE

We just finished our #arch #kde installation tutorial. If you are currently looking how to install arch check it out - it includes:

Server & Desktop

  • UEFI
  • systemd-boot
  • LVM on LUKS
  • NetworkManager
  • zr...